We believe in honor for God, spiritual fathers and mothers, and each other. We don’t passively follow leaders, we intentionally honor who Yahweh has placed in authority over our lives. Everything we do is to a level of honor that allows us to inherit the next piece of the foundation, order.


We believe in having our lives in order. This means however the kingdom is ordered, we’re ordered. We seek first the kingdom of God, we live our lives focussed on the one thing lifestyle (pure devotion to Yahweh), and we lay down personal destiny to pick up a family that is intent on making sure the next generation (legacy) is the primary pursuit. This must outlive us.


We believe in tending the flame of covenant that God has entered into with us. Our salvation has been achieved on the cross, therefore we have the ability to now truly live in covenant with a God who is crazy about us. This is closely related to a marriage covenant where each side gives up their own lives to take up the fusion of one body, together. This is spurred deeper in the family of the church, where we are one body with Christ as the head.


The final piece to the foundation of this house is union, where we are living in honor, order, and covenant, and therefore maximizing what we have full access to, here on earth. Union is then what empowers us to pursue “on earth as it is in heaven” with all authority given to us. This is what revival looks like: a bride completely settled in the union she has now entered into with her bridegroom.