We begin everything we do, as a church, with prayer. Prayer is where we:

Thank God for his faithfulness and remember where he has brought us from.

Relational engagement to remind us God is present and with us.

Once we have reminded ourselves God is faithful, and that he is close, we then have the trust to ask and believe he will give us anything we ask for, in the authority of Jesus.
Worship, as partnered with prayer, is where we engulf ourselves in the spin of Father, Son, and Spirit. While worship includes music, it is so much more than songs. Worship is the expression of our hearts to God and the posture of our hearts to receive from God.
We, as a church, believe in teaching. Teaching is not to indoctrinate us with certain stances or belief systems, rather teaching is to give us the tools necessary to discover truth (in Christ) for ourselves. Teaching, at Dream, invites us into the curiosity of who we are, who God is, and how all of that works together. Teaching dares us to ask questions and let Rabbi Jesus lead us into the answers. Teaching fuels our secret place to be the intimate encounter it is made for. It is to convince us that there is, in fact, more to the story than we ever dreamed.