Who We Are

Dream Church is a revival family that exists to bring God's kingdom into the earth in Columbia, SC and beyond.

What We Value

How we operate in who we are:

Pursuing Personal Intimacy With Jesus
Our first and primary pursuit is not ministry to people, but ministry to God. We believe you can do nothing effectively unless it overflows from your personal encounters with Jesus. Everything good comes from the secret place and everything insufficient comes from a lack of honor for the secret place. This is our everything.

Ministering to God–Worship
We don't do church with God to reach people; we do church with people to "reach" God. In other words, we know the Church is the place where we come together as a family to minister to the Lord and offer up a communal sacrifice of worship to honor who Yahweh is in our lives. This "equips the saints for the work of the ministry." A major piece of ministering to God is listening so we honor moments in worship where the Lord releases over us as well, in a spin of receiving and giving. This defines our worship and everything else we do in a service flows from this.

Devotion to Teaching
The first thing that marked the early church was a devotion to the teaching of the apostles (Acts 2:42). That led to every other fruit they experienced. Therefore, we devote ourselves to the teachings of our apostles, fathers, and mothers. We don't do good services with short ted-talk sermons; we do kingdom with teaching that unlocks deeper streams of encounter with the Lord.

Honor of Spiritual Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters
The greatest thing lacking in the Church in recent years is honor of both spiritual authority over our lives and honor of the family God has placed around us. We are a people who honor to the highest degree. Why? Because honor keeps us anchored where the Lord has planted us when the enemy comes to try and divide. Honor allows fathers and mothers to speak what you need over your life without the threat of you breaking relationship. Honor allows the family to be fully themselves without the threat of offense. It's honor that any kingdom family bleeds and protects at all cost.

Living Lives of Order
We believe the kingdom man or woman should live a life of order. What does that mean? It means more than priorities; it means you have firmly and permanently decided that you will give yourself to certain things, value certain things, and pursue certain things based on the word of the Lord and therefore reject anything that doesn't fit within that word of the Lord. For example, we don't go to church on Sunday because that's what you're supposed to do; we go to church on Sunday because we have ordered our lives to value things correctly.

Serving the Bride of Jesus: The Church
We believe the Church is how God makes his New Creation known throughout the cosmos. The Church is the body and Christ is the head. Not just individuals, but the Church as a whole, together. Therefore, we know that the Church isn't something that serves us but it is something we serve. Not from a "works-based" mentality, like it earns you anything, but from a "love/covenant-based" mentality. We serve the bride because we love the groom–Jesus. We know the health of the bride is the health of God's kingdom project in the globe. This includes our generosity!

Community and Family
The Church is not just a bunch of people who show up once or twice a week to an event. The Church is a family. It's a community of people who are a part of one body. Therefore, we cultivate family rather than event participation. We want our church to feel like Thanksgiving Dinner. This requires an unusual measure of humility, carrying each other's burdens, fighting for each other, and ability to assume the best. But on the other end of this is community like we could never manufacture on our own.

Doing The Work of The Ministry
If the Church gathering is where the saints get equipped for the work of the ministry, who does the work of the ministry? The saints. We believe that once we have given ourselves to be radically poured into by the Lord and fathers and mothers, we then have the needed portion to overflow onto those in our individual and corporate areas of influence. We don't just hide this gem that we've received in this church family, we extend the encounter from those in the church family to those not yet in the church family.